A European Vacation + Pinterest = Your Forever Home

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Ok, they had me at European vacation. Bluestone Construction posted this thoughtful article on traveling and sharpening your perspective. It’s true. The more homes I look at, the more they run together, but Bluestone has a few ideas to expand your design horizons.

Itching to build your legacy home? Perfect! That means, now’s the time to go ahead and take that long-anticipated European vacation. Especially if you’ve been checking out homes in your local market, and they all seem the same, with little character, or in some cases, way too much character, and even the photos on Houzz are starting to run together.

Why Travel?

You need to see timeless architecture firsthand. You need to run your own hand over ancient handhewn stone, to soak in the exquisite details of carved facades and rain gutters cleverly disguised as gargoyles, to bask in the grandeur of vaulted ceilings.

At Bluestone, our motto is “Be Inspired.” In short, to build a masterpiece, it helps to be inspired by masterpieces. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to feel super-inspired by homes in your own hometown. But you’re guaranteed to feel inspired while taking in the Gothic Renaissance miracle of the Santa Maria del Fiore or the French Baroque Palace of Versailles.