Why Homeowners Renovate and What They Care About Most

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So, why do people renovate their homes? Of course, we can speculate, but this article by Houzz delves into the why and what. Some really good things to think about here before you decide to make your leap.

Most people look at their home and dream of making improvements. But the catalyst for actually beginning a renovation project varies. The 2019 Houzz & Home report sheds light on some of the key reasons homeowners finally make the leap from dreaming to taking action.

The national study, fielded between Feb. 13 and April 16, 2019, collected responses from more than 142,000 registered U.S. Houzz users, including about 67,000 who renovated their primary homes in 2018. 

Here are some of the main reasons homeowners renovated, along with some of their top priorities.