When To Pick Out Your Kitchen Appliances


It’s all about timing.

Especially when it comes to building a home and picking out your kitchen appliances. Too early and model numbers may change. Too late and you could end up with a very unhappy cabinet installer.

First, you need to get an idea of what’s out there. Especially with all the different options available today.

“Researching and educating yourself on the different options that are available will help you select the appliances that are best for you,” says Stephanie Chapman, Vice President of Design at Advance Cabinetry in Fletcher, NC. “During the initial planning, you can start with the size and type of all the appliances you would like to consider - such as a 36” Refrigerator, a 30” double wall oven, a 36” cooktop, etc.”

This is when you select your appliances. In the kitchen design world, there’s a different between “selecting” and “ordering.”

  • Selecting refers to getting an idea of what’s going to be important to you with appliances. Do you need six burners or will four do? Are you doing panels on your refrigerator?

  • Ordering refers to actually narrowing it down to specific models and placing the order with your appliance dealer.

“Some appliances can be offered in different finishes or prepared for custom cabinet panels, so you will need to decide what direction you would like to go. All of your selections should be finalized by the time cabinetry is ordered to insure the specifications of each has been incorporated,” says Chapman.

From an appliance perspective, we talked with Cameron Hardin, General Manager of Haywood Appliance in Asheville, NC.

“Once building has begun a lot hinges on selecting your appliances. Rough in electrical and plumbing will be specific to models selected, the cabinetry design will hinge on the models as well,” says Hardin. “As for ordering, appliances are one of the last items to go in the home. So, you’ll need to order appliances around the same time as the cabinetry. Once cabinets and countertops are installed, the appliances go in.”

Hardin also stressed the importance of maintaining an open line of communication with your kitchen designer or cabinet maker and appliance dealer.

For more information, visit Advance Cabinetry or Haywood Appliance.