When To Pick Kitchen Fixtures and Finishes


Ok, you found your North Carolina mountain dream home, but that kitchen needs some serious upgrades.

No problem.

Believe it or not, there is a process to this whole renovating thing. And as the writer mentions, getting overcommitted too early on something you’ve fallen in love with only paints yourself into a corner. For example, falling in love with a certain refrigerator before the space planning is complete.

We can tell we’ve got you thinking already. Enjoy.

Many homeowners think designing a kitchen starts with choosing items like appliances, flooring, cabinet finishes, countertops, faucets and lighting — and to a point it does. But I try to keep my clients from worrying about many of these items until after the space planning is complete. The huge number of options can be distracting, and it can be overwhelming to make all these decisions at once. Getting overcommitted too early can stifle creativity and hinder your progress in getting the best kitchen design for your home.