Haywood Appliance: There's More to Those Shiny Devices Than You Think


When it comes to doing laundry, you won’t get a rise out of most folks. As for Steve Hardin, he knows a thing or two. For the last 40 years he’s been the owner/operator of Haywood Appliance with showrooms in Asheville and Clyde.

And over the years, he’s seen laundry appliances change.

“The new, more-gentle washers mean that clothing and laundry will last longer — and that’s important,” said Steve Hardin, president and owner of Haywood Appliance in Asheville and Clyde. “People are spending more on higher-end energy-efficient laundry appliances than they used to.”

Not only has technology made it easier, it’s also helping your clothes last longer. And if you have kids, you know that’s no easy task either.


Family-owned since 1978, Haywood Appliance is Western North Carolina’s premier appliance dealer. They not only have the region’s only in-house Service Department, but every service tech is factory trained.

It doesn’t sound like much, but considering Lowes, Home Depot and other area appliance dealers don’t offer service, it’s a big deal. Sooner or later your appliance will need to be serviced. And it’s always better to have someone who knows the appliance’s history and service record. Especially when you’re paying top dollar for today’s appliances.


Now with a second generation leading up Haywood Appliance, customers can expect the same great service and attention to detail.

“Our business is all about relationships. From what I’ve heard from our customers, they choose Haywood Appliance because they’re all about buying local. That means a lot to us,” says Cameron Hardin, General Manager of the Asheville Showroom.


As Stephane Rhyne, Steve Hardin’s daughter, will tell you, keeping your showrooms up to date is a process. As new models and displays arrive, there’s always need to keep up to date with today’s trends and styles. It’s one of the reasons why this past year the Clyde Showroom has seen a complete remodel.

“We want our customers to understand they’re getting more than high-end appliances. They’re dealing with a company that understands interior design and trends, and wants to help the customer and their design team choose the very best options for their kitchen.”


With additional warehouse space slated for 2019, Haywood Appliance continues to have WNC’s largest inventory. Showrooms will continue to be updated and they’re always on the lookout to hire the best people available.

All moving forward for another 40 years.

For more information, visit Haywood Appliance.