The Living Room Inspiration You've Been Looking For

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Looking for a little inspiration?

Here you go. From traditional to ultra modern, there’s a little bit for everyone. I mean, c’mon, you spend a fair amount of time in your living room. It needs to be spot on.

5 Gorgeous Living Rooms to Inspire Your Next Redesign

he most-well designed living rooms make the task of redecorating look easy. Isn't it funny how the furniture pieces are always perfectly balanced in the space, seemingly to frame the perfect spot to gather? Art pieces and paint colors intertwine on the walls to make the room feel either airier or cozier. Then, the accompanying details—the stacks of books on shelves, the different lighting features, and even the plant in the corner—all contribute to a swoon-worthy aesthetic. When people see such a living room in person, they automatically feel at home.

However, if you lack the design vision to create that exact reaction for your guests, the best thing to do is to look for inspiration. 

We gathered five living rooms that we wouldn't mind emulating, thanks to their comfortable appearance, pops of color, curated style, and modern sophistication. Depending on your design preferences, you can use these images as a guide to create the living room for you—we even got you started by including similar pieces you can buy now, too.