The Case For Drawers Over Cabinets for Dishes


We know. This isn’t exactly something you sit around and think about, “Should I store my dishes in drawers or cabinets?”

Well, someone did. The people at House Beautiful discuss how drawers just might be the perfect solution for storing your dishes. Pull-out drawers for your dishes aren’t anything new, but it’s really starting to become a design option for kitchens.

And as you think about building (or renovating) your home in the mountains, it’s definitely something to keep in mind. Especially if you’re going for ergonomics.

If the idea of putting away a dishwasher full of plates makes your lower backache, you might want to rethink your kitchen storage. Increasingly, design experts are opting to skip the upper-level dish cabinets in favor of deep, pull-out drawers.

"Because it keeps everything at waist level instead of high up, it's actually a more ergonomic solution," says Krysta Gibbons of Kipling House Interiors, who used a peg system to organize dishes in a Florida client's kitchen drawers. Adds designer Jean Stoffer, "Putting more items below the counter, including glasses and dishes, is great for aging in place, too."

To make cleanup less of a chore, dish drawers should be as close to your dishwasher or sink as possible, so you're not constantly walking back and forth across the kitchen with piles of plates.