TAB Associates: Passive Homes Are Here to Stay

Photo: TAB Associates

Photo: TAB Associates

With offices in Edwards, CO, and Hendersonville, NC, TAB Associates is an architecture firm that knows a thing or two about designing homes in the mountains. Recently, we came across one of their articles on passive homes.

So, what’s the difference between passive vs LEED vs net zero? That’s a discussion for another article.

Meanwhile, take a look at what TAB has to say regarding passive homes.

Building sustainable, energy-efficient homes have long been a priority on the housing market. A new trend, the passive home, takes sustainability to a new level. If you’re in the market for a new home, consider a passive home.

Passive homes refers to the home’s “passive” or very efficient use of resources for heating and cooling. In addition, passive homes greatly minimize air leakage on the property. It’s not uncommon for passive houses to save about 90% in energy costs. Passive houses are regulated by The Passivhaus Institute, which certifies the 15,000-20,000 passive houses on the market.