Red Tree Builders: So, You're Between Two Lots

Red Tree Builders’ Modern Mountain Home near Asheville, NC.

Red Tree Builders’ Modern Mountain Home near Asheville, NC.

We recently received an email from David T. in Houston, Texas. He had a question about buying lots in the Asheville area. He and his wife plan on building in a few years, but right now they are between two different lots. He asks, “We’re between two lots, what should we be thinking about from a builder’s perspective?”

Build WNC spoke to Red Tree Builders’ Brandon Bryant. Here’s what Bryant had to say:

First of all, great question.

The #1 thing to ask yourself is: what’s my total budget?

The lot price plus the prep is the total cost of land. That includes removing trees, building a driveway, sewer, septic taps. Underground power. Is there power? Has it been perked?

Don’t just buy the lot because it’s the cheapest. In the end it may cost you more to build on. So, you may be better off paying more for another lot.

Also, think about the kind of home you want. 

If you want a house that’s wide and one level…and not deep, you need to be looking at which lot would fit the house better. It’s all personal preference.

There’s  a lot to think about. It’s why i suggest you talk to a builder before you buy a piece of land. Talk to multiple builders.

Land in Asheville is not cheap and you do not want to spend $300k on a piece of land and then realize it’s not going to work for your overall budget.