Samsel Architects: Team Goals

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For one Asheville architecture firm, it truly is a team effort. Recently, Samsel Architects shut down the office for two days, got the team together and went on a staff retreat to Hendersonville, NC.

Away from daily distractions, time was carved out for planning, discussions, team building and just plain fun. That’s exactly what you need in an architect, and one of the reasons why they’re one of Asheville’s top firms.

We closed our office for two days at the end of last month for a staff retreat. We packed up and set off to The Horse Shoe Farm, a beautiful hideaway in Hendersonville, to plan the future of our company together as a team.

We created a safe space to learn and share, a quiet space away from the day-to-day distractions, and a positive space where we could envision the possibilities of the future. The time away from our desks was spent discovering our inner-selves (and creating some awesome hats), our purpose and mission as a firm, and planning the next three years.