Retire and Become an Artist in Asheville, NC


When it comes to artists, Asheville is a creative paradise. Especially if you’re looking for a place to eventually retire. The Asheville community has it all, from a creative standpoint. Potters, painters, photographers, ceramics, etc.

Hendersonville-based Bluestone Construction recently posted a great article on retiring to Asheville and pursuing your passions. See below.


Retirement is about getting to play, grow, and explore parts of yourself that you were too busy or preoccupied to fully enjoy previously. It’s about having free hours to learn new skills and fully immerse yourself in those “night and weekend” hobbies that are no longer relegated to nights and weekends. For many of us, retirement is a chance to finally tap into our most essential and creative natures in a more intentional way. Maybe you’re into painting, but an art career seemed impractical when you were trying to financially support a family. Maybe you dream of woodworking or pottery-making, but you never had the space for a carpentry studio or a kiln. Maybe you had a fast-paced job in a big urban center, that left little time or physical space for gloriously messy side-gigs.

If you’re thinking of trading the urban life for a laid-back, highly livable town, but you don’t want to lose the cultural amenities of a thriving, creative center, Asheville, North Carolina is the perfect retirement city for you. When published a “Best of the Best Of Lists,” it found that Asheville was consistently at the top of a host of lists for best retirement towns.