Renovate or Move? New Study Reveals


The question of the year.

Building always seems like the right idea. Fresh start, you get what you want. But sometimes you need to look at the reality of where you are. Maybe you’re already in your dream home. You need to do some research and talk with experts to find out. Real Simple lays it all out.

Another question: If you do renovate, should you do it at one time or in pieces? Here are more thoughts on that.

To renovate or to move: Isn’t that the age-old question for homeowners across the country? You may have found your dream home, but it can become your nightmare home without warning if your family grows, the kitchen falls out of style, or the home otherwise stops meeting your needs as your household shifts and changes. At this point, it may be time to start considering the cost to remodel a house or searching for a new dream home—but how can you possibly decide which is better for you?

As with any choice, it comes down to cost, convenience, and time. A new survey from New York City–based real estate site StreetEasy and renovation matchmaking service Sweeten reveals how a renovation and a move compare, and the findings may surprise you, especially if you assume that cutting ties with a current home and moving into a fresh, new one is easy. The survey findings are based on a survey of New York City homeowners (predominantly apartment-owners), but it reveals some interesting arguments for staying put and renovating or moving that anyone can use, wherever they live.