Mountain Modern is a Thing

Architect:  Carlton Edwards

Architect: Carlton Edwards

This isn’t news to anyone in Western North Carolina. Especially those in the residential building community. They’re probably like, “Yeah, no kidding.”

Mountain modern. Yep, it really is a thing and it’s very popular right now for good reason.

Well, we wanted to take a closer look at what it actually is. What makes it mountain modern? There are several award-winning builders and architects in the area with their own mountain modern style.

Of course, within the style there are key fundamentals:

Cool Exterior

For years we’ve seen the classic A frames throughout the North Carolina mountains. Not much has changed. However, today’s mountain modern homes are doing exciting things with timber and timber. They’re still rustic, but they have modern edges that really take the landscape into account. And of course, efficient.

Clean Design

We’re talking tall ceilings and sweeping layouts. Gone are the smaller decorative items. It’s more about large pieces that make an impact. Plus, living simpler isn’t a bad thing. We’re not saying cut back on the good stuff, but you can be more than comfortable with less things.

Windows and Light

You’re in the mountains, so you might as well take advantage of the view. Mountain modern homes are all about large, striking windows. When you’re looking for the perfect mountain lot or working with an architect, keep this mind.

Natural Materials

From timbers and logs to steel beams and rock, natural materials really help give you the mix of modern and rustic. The lines may be clean, but the home is far from cold.

Outdoors In

As ID.ology’s Laura Sullivan mentioned last week, as humans we need nature — biophillic design. It’s even more important today with how we live in our own homes. Retractable windows and large decks help bring nature in.

Local Sourcing

While the homes are sleek, they’re still using local materials. It’s a big part of mountain modern because it pays respect to the land. You’re building a beautiful home within the landscape, so it should be of the natural surroundings.

We hope this helps shed a little more light on mountain modern.