Mistakes That Can Ruin Your July 4th Cookout - And How to Avoid Them


You know the guy. It’s July 4th, he’s ready to grill and he hasn’t cleaned the grill or, even better, he’s out of propane. There’s nothing worse than having to make a last minute run to find a store with what you need. Instead, do a little pre-game prep on your grill. Today is the perfect day to make it happen.

The months – and especially the weekends – between Memorial Day and Labor Day are outdoor grilling season in America. 

On patios and balconies and lawns, in driveways, at parks and on the beach, we’re firing up our barbecues and grilling everything from burgers, steaks, and shrimp to zucchini, eggplant, and tofu. 

Some of us are even throwing fruit on the barbie, like olive-oil-brushed slabs of watermelon, that quintessential symbol of summer – so much better than all those ridiculous things that are merely flavored with watermelon.

There’s something irresistible – something primal – about cooking food over a fire, in the open air, while your friends and family stand by and salivate at the incomparable aromas wafting from the Weber. Grilling should be fun and relaxing. All you have to do is to avoid a few common grilling mistakes, then just relax and pop open one of America’s most delicious beers while you and the grill work your culinary magic.