Mid-Century Modern: Dining Areas to Inspire


Mid-century modern is one of those styles that’s just classic. Actually, it’s beyond classic. And whether you’re building or renovating a MCM home in the mountains or by a lake, a little design inspiration goes a long way.

We came across this little slide show from the folks at Dering Hall. Hey, it’s not about choosing one and going with it, but more about picking and choosing and making it your own. That’s what will make your house your home.


From Dering Hall:

Mid-century modern designs refuse to go out of style. Modeled after the mid-20th-century aesthetic, these dining areas from Dering Hall designers feature minimal decoration and showcase materials like leather, plywood, and steel, resulting in a look that's simple, functional, and beautiful. Achieve timeless interiors by bringing mid-modern style into your space with these ideas.