Laundry Room Ideas: The Complete Guide

Credit: Amber Interiors | Photography: Tessa Neustadt

Credit: Amber Interiors | Photography: Tessa Neustadt

I know what you’re thinking. Agreed. Laundry rooms aren’t the sexiest part of the house to talk about; however, it may be the easiest to add a little style. Why? Well, it’s a neglected utility room that’s usually tucked out of the way from prying eyes. I mean, no one has ever said, “Hey, we’d love to see your laundry room!”

Until now.

Can we first all agree that doing laundry is among our least favorite pastimes? If we can start there, know that by the time you have taken in all these laundry room ideas, we will have equipped you with the inspiration and helpful tips you need to make yours a haven versus piles of "hell, I wish I could pay someone to do this," even when the clothes are clean. (We all know putting away laundry is its own beast.)

Many people don't have their own laundry rooms, so consider yourself lucky, but if do happen to share a laundry room in your building, it doesn't mean you can't try to propose some of these layout ideas. Your neighbors will thank you!