Kitchen Countertops: 4 Durable (and Beautiful) Options

Photo courtesy of Hunker.

Photo courtesy of Hunker.

Beautiful and practical. Usually you’ll find these on the different sides of the aisle. Sure, countertop A is beautiful, but can’t handle a hot pan. While countertop B is as durable as they come, but you wouldn’t want it within 2 blocks of your home.

We get it.

Luckily, there are some really solid options out there that NOW deliver on both. Want to learn more? Check out the article below.

Like high heels at a beach wedding, what looks great might not be the most practical. The same goes for kitchen countertops. You can choose a countertop material for looks alone — pristine marble, for example, because it'll make your styled food shots look great on Instagram — but you may be exasperated to discover that you spend cocktail parties trailing after your guests with a rag and avoiding cooking anything with acid, lest a drop of it land on the counter and leave a mark behind. (Not to mention how dirty a porous material like marble or butcher block can get.)