Is There a Difference Between a Renovation and a Remodel?


I’ve been wondering this myself. What is the difference? All those TV shows about flipping have started to change what people think about one or the other. Well, Real Simple asked the experts and they got to the bottom of it.

They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day—and neither was your dream home. If we’re being totally honest, very few domestic endeavors compare to the time, energy, and sometimes stress of tackling a home renovation. Or is it a remodel? Chances are, you probably use renovation and remodel interchangeably, which may not seem like a big deal in the face of the cost to remodel a house, but could still reveal the extent of your experience (or lack thereof) with home updates.

No matter which term you use, there’s a good chance whoever you’re talking to knows what you’re referring to, but have you ever stopped and wondered if you’re using the correct word? Or if the contractors, designers, paint pros, and other experts you’re working with think you’re unfamiliar with the process because you’re using the wrong word?