ID.ology: How to Pick Kitchen Fixtures & Finishes

Interior design by  ID.ology

Interior design by ID.ology

Laura Sullivan, of ID.ology in Asheville, is one of Western North Carolina’s top interior designers. We recently sat down with her to get her perspective on kitchen fixtures and finishes. Truth be known, it’s not as easy as you think. However, it’s those details that make an impact. And as you’ll read below, there are several factors to consider in order to get the right look.

By Laura Sullivan

In our design process to select kitchen fixtures and finishes we begin with the overall aesthetic objective for the home as a whole, which gives us a good foundation to work from and keep with the design intent when making the selections. Some aesthetic objectives could be that one prioritizes the look of a professional kitchen whereas others might prioritize a “show” kitchen where minimal appliances and fixtures are visibly out in the open.

Part of our process is considering the overall layout and how “exposed” the fixtures are. Do we intend for them to be a focal point and a major player in the overall space, or do we downplay the fixtures to highlight the ranges facade? We consider what elements will be viewed in adjacent spaces and how those items might impact the flow and unity from one space to another and then we make selections for fixtures and finishes to provide a beautiful timeless aesthetic while maintaining the desired functionality. For instance, in selecting a faucet, some features to consider aside from just how it looks are: spout height, pull down vs. conventional sprayer, mounting type to determine number of holes, and single vs. multiple handles.

And don’t be afraid to mix finishes just as long as they compliment and don’t fight one another.