Bluestone Construction: How To Choose The Right Architect to Design Your Asheville Luxury Home

Written by Bluestone Construction.

Written by Bluestone Construction.

You are about to begin the once-in-a-lifetime experience of building your legacy home, which will last for several lifetimes. You plan to pass this home to your children, and you hope they will pass it to their children. You want this dream home to be so gorgeously accomplished that it will retain its appeal for generations, but you need it to have all the comfort, convenience, and sustainability that today’s modern technology can offer. 

Or maybe you’re designing a home for your busy, growing family, and you want this home to serve your exact needs at this very moment, and for the next decade or so, but you know that eventually your needs will change. So even though you are custom-designing your home, you need to ensure it has exceptional resale value.

Either way, a million-dollar home is a huge investment, and you’ll want to get every detail of the process exactly right. So how do you choose the perfect architect for your custom-designed luxury residence?