Game Changers: High Quality Materials and Luxury Appliances


If you’re going to do it, do it right. And like anything, it starts with quality. Bluestone Construction out of Hendersonville, NC, believes that is how you start any home. Come along as they discuss quality materials and appliances, and they’re game changers.

If you’re spending the time and money to custom-build a home, opting for high-quality building materials and high end appliances is almost always a good choice. At best, outfitting your home with economy appliances undermines its value. At worst, scrimping on materials may result in expensive structural damage. Investing in top materials and appliances will lower your stress and safeguard your biggest investment—your home.

First, let’s talk premium construction materials.

Remember back to when you bought that top quality mattress, engineered to be the perfect mix of support and plushness, to allow amazing air-flow, and to perfectly distribute body weight to ensure a better night’s sleep. The price tag made you grimace a little, didn’t it?

But in the end, that mattress was worth every penny. You started sleeping more soundly. You woke up rested and alert. You even started exercising, because you had so much energy. That mattress reduced your stress and changed your life.

Premium building materials have a similar value. They ensure that your home is long-lasting, that you don’t have to constantly worry about the logistics and expense of repairs. They make living in your home more about enjoying your home than maintaining it. Cheap products will need to be replaced sooner than custom grade materials. In the long run, this means low quality materials are actually more expensive than the high quality materials—and that’s just in terms of hard costs. (Don’t underestimate the mental toll of unexpected home repairs.)