Green Certification Focused on Air Quality


To piggy back on our post a few days ago about Sean Sullivan’s Whole Living: Completing the Green Experience, air quality plays a significant role in going green. Sure, energy savings is part of it, but living a healthier life is important. And your home is a big part of it. Below is a post from Asheville-based Green Built Alliance.

If you’re not familiar with Green Built Alliance and the amazing work they do, here’s their mission statement:

Green Built Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability in the built environment through community education, measurable standards and regional action in Western North Carolina and beyond since 2001.

We’ve written here before about the benefits of a green-building certification to homeowners for energy bills in particular, such as the assurance that your builder is following many of the best practices known to building science, or that common issues that cause high energy bills are caught by a professional.

Yet energy efficiency is not the only benefit of green building, and it may not even be the most important one too many homeowners.  In many ways, using building science knowledge to improve indoor air quality can have a far more profound impact on quality of life than home than measures that simply reduce energy use.