Green Built Alliance: Regenerative Design Workshop Series in Asheville, NC

Photo:  Sage Builders

Thanks to organizations like Asheville’s Green Built Alliance, it’s clear why Asheville is helping to lead the way in thoughtful building. Going thru fall and winter, GBA has put together a series of workshops designed to help consumers and building professionals understand regenerative design.

Interested in learning more about regenerative design? Keep on reading below.

In tandem with Green Built Alliance’s updates to incorporate regenerative design principles into its statewide Green Built Homes certification program, the nonprofit is launching a monthly series of in-depth, inspirational workshops through the fall and winter of 2019, which are aimed at educating and engaging the community in regenerative design.

Led by experts that hail from right here in Asheville as well as those that travel internationally to speak on these topics, the afternoon workshops will cover a variety of subject matter including net-zero energy, sustainable building materials, indoor air quality, biophilia, energy efficiency for existing homes and ecological site preparation.