Five Questions: Dean Anderson @ Grand Highlands


We recently sat down with Dean Anderson, one of the developers at Grand Highlands. Located just outside of Hendersonville, NC, Grand Highlands is a rare find in mountain communities. Rolling meadows make it easier to build, while the elevation (3,250-4,000 ft.) provides nearly 360º views.

  1. With its unique topography, how did you find Grand Highlands?

    Scott Shirley found the property while he was driving up from Gerton looking for property. When he came upon Grand Highlands it was a hot, very hazy day. The place was over grown with weeds and brush and, quite frankly, he was not very impressed. Then about two weeks later he was making the same drive and he came across the property once again. However, this time it was a clear sunny day and he could not believe what he saw. Scott purchased the property that day.

  2. What are the people like that live in Grand Highlands?

    Family. No one is from the area, so Grand Highlands becomes their social network and their friends.  Everyone here has everyone else’s back and we gather at the drop of a hat. We really don’t need a reason to get together, just ask and they will all be there. When someone has a problem or a health issue, everyone joins in.  It truly  is the most unique community I’ve ever lived in and we have people from all walks and all economic backgrounds.

  3. Tell us about the amenities and the new lodge.

    Our new 12,000-square-foot Lodge. It gets daily use by the members, whether it’s bible study, book club, poker night, game night, sewing club, yoga, using the first class fitness center, watching a movie in the TV lounge, using the golf simulator, having Easter dinner, Derby day gathering or a pot luck Memorial Day BBQ. Grand Highlands also features a trail system, a barn with an apartment for visitors, stalls for the horses and tennis courts.

  4. How have you kept Grand Highlands a secret? 

    It’s not easy. However, it does appear that the word is out. We have sold just over 100 lots, with about 50 left.

  5. Talk to us about building at Grand Highlands.

    We have to approve any builder and for that my most important question is the one I ask of the people a builder has built for: What were their experiences?  Did he address his mistakes? Was he honest? Most builders can do a good job of putting the building together, but what we look for is the builder that a person would recommend to their best friends. We look for mountain designs, but we like the architecture to vary.