Five Questions: Will Thomason of Asheville's ProSource Supply

Photo courtesy of ProSource Supply.

Photo courtesy of ProSource Supply.

When it comes to building a home, it’s all in the details. Especially when it comes to kitchens, baths and lighting. This past week we sat down with Will Thomason, General Manager of ProSource Supply’s Asheville showroom. A licensed master plumber, Thomason knows what he’s talking about when discussing fixtures and plumbing details. The Hickory, NC, native has more than 25 years of plumbing and sales experience.


How did you get started with ProSource?

I began working at ProSource Supply in 1999 after working for Grover and Tonya Martin at a previous supply house. They started ProSource Supply in 1996 in Greenville in an old trucking terminal on Laurens Road. I believe our old showroom was about 2000' sq. ft. We had one truck driver, one counterman, one inside sales consultant, one accounting person that did both payables and receivables and three salesmen.

What are the biggest plumbing/lighting trends you're seeing in the Asheville area?

As trends come and go, it’s hard to pin down a design since we have such a diverse clientele. We’re seeing a rise in exotic finishes, multiple shower heads, hands free faucets and bluetooth speakers in plumbing hardware. As far as lighting goes, there are a lot of rustic styles with a heavy industrial influence and Edison bulbs. Choosing the correct lighting scheme can change a room dramatically.

Who are your customers and what are they looking for?

We sell to the general public, builders, plumbers and anyone who wants to upgrade their existing room, house, apartment, condo, commercial or industrial complex. If it touches water, we sell it. If you can flip a switch, we sell it. If it has a door, we have the hardware to fit it.  

When building a home, when should I bring ProSource into the process?

It’s important to start the process early when you want to build your dream house. Choosing the right builder, designer, sub contractor and choosing your fixtures and finishes takes time and patience. With so many choices and the convenience of technology today, we can design a room around a light fixture, a plumbing faucet or a door knob. Typically we sit down with the client before ground is even broken to ensure that if there is anything that requires attention or consideration, this is the time to do it.

Living in the mountains, how is elevation considered when plumbing a home?

We have certain plumbing items that require special installation but the biggest challenges are getting to the job site sometimes. I’ve enjoyed seeing the unique skills that home builders are using to build their clients' houses on the side of mountains and in the hollows. 

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