Carlton Edwards: Energy Efficiency for New Homes

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I’ve always wondered, was it clients wanting energy efficient homes or architects/builders introducing the idea once talks began? I can see it going both ways. Today, Carlton Edwards Architecture in Asheville is all about steering their clients towards energy efficiency. In the long run, it’s a smarter bet. Take a look at this article from Commercial Appeal featuring one of CE’s architects.

Energy efficiency is at the forefront of every new homeowner’s checklist. At Carlton Edwards, we steer our clients to the same, reducing the carbon footprint on the environment while also helping to reduce long term costs. Whether it’s choosing the least energy consuming light bulbs like LEDs that don’t contain mercury or picking a tankless water heater, we help you in the building process to make the most economical and environmentally friendly choice. Our own Hunter Dendy gives some common sense tips in this Commercial Appeal article. Hunter’s passion for sustainability is evident in his certifications and role as a green building consultant throughout the Asheville area region and beyond.