The Big Move: CHS to AVL

Two years ago my wife and I, and our almost-3-year-old son, moved to Western North Carolina after 13 years in Charleston, SC. And it wasn’t easy. We both had good jobs. Amazing friends. Great neighbors. Up and coming city. Yep, we left it all.


We needed a change. We were ready for something new and we always wanted to live back in the mountains of North Carolina.

My wife was a district sales manager for a high-end appliance brand. I worked for a large advertising agency, but we both felt like something was missing.

We’re both from this end of North Carolina, so we’ve always missed home. Family was hours aways. And truth be told, we were never going to spend the rest of our lives in Charleston. I know, hard to believe.

So we put a plan together, got our ducks in a row and set a date to make it happen. Scary as hell? Yes, but we wouldn’t change a thing.

What Did We Learn?

  1. You Can Always Visit - We miss Charleston, but really love living in our little mountain town. Ok, we miss the Charleston that we moved to back in 2004. Of course, there’s a thing called I-26, and it goes straight to Charleston. Whenever we need a little fix, we pack up the car and head on down. On the way back, it’s great having those mountains greet you right outside of the NC line.

  2. You Can’t Beat Family - We love how our son is getting to really know his family (I mean this in a good way). Not just holiday visits, but anytime during the week. Now we have a family dinner once a week, everyone gets to his tee ball games and some family is less than 10 minutes away.

  3. A Different Pace - It’s true, life’s a bit slower in the mountains. Not in a backwards kind of way, but a we-know-what’s-important-in-life kinda attitude. It really helps you put things in perspective and love where you live.

  4. Give Yourself Time - The move and transition is never easy. Actually, it lasts long after the move. That unsettled feeling takes time to truly go on its way. Just remember to be patient with yourself and your expectations.

If you’re on the fence and thinking about making a big step, I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you around one of the local breweries. I’ll be the one chasing my 4-year-old around with a pint in my hand.