Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick at Home in Cashiers, NC

There are probably more famous people from North Carolina than you realize. And, perhaps, it’s probably why you hear of so many of them coming home. NC native Brooklyn Decker is one such celebrity. She and her husband’s mountain retreat is in the town of Cashiers, NC. If you’re not familiar with Cashiers, it’s time you jumped on Google and did a little research. It is not to be missed.


Brooklyn Decker, the Grace and Frankie actress and budding tech entrepreneur, is far from a “homemaker.” But wow, can she ever make a home. Her famous husband, Andy Roddick, is able to sum it up best. “My taste has definitely changed by virtue of her being right often—now, I’m into these rustic, antique pieces that she finds," he says. "It’s evolved in that it’s less and less modern. I’m in awe of her ability to come up with quirky things with design.”

Decker and Roddick reside with their two children in Austin, Texas—where the former athlete has based his Andy Roddick Foundation. The celebs also have a second residence in North Carolina, where Decker was raised. Decker and Roddick’s seven-bedroom home is situated on four acres in Cashiers, N.C., a peacefully secluded destination in the mountains. Decker, who co-founded digital wardrobe operating system Finery, comments, “For us, it was about finding a place that hadn’t become too touristy. It’s a really tiny town with families from cities like Boston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. So there’s an interesting culture, too—like, ex–big city kids.”