Bluestone Construction: Building Science and Why It Matters


So, what is building science? Why does it matter? Bluestone Construction has put together a thoughtful article on why building science matters. Basically, it’s a very thorough guide to what you should know as you’re thinking about building your home.

Kurt Kvandal, Project Manager for Bluestone Construction, thinks of building science as “trying to build the most efficient house, as efficiently as possible.”

Kurt grew up doing construction projects with his father and grandfather, before studying political science in college. “I’ve always liked to read and learn,” he says. “I thought I would go into teaching.”

Instead, he started working in construction. Studying building science was a fast and natural evolution, because Kurt has always wanted to know as much as he could about whatever he’s doing. He subscribes to trade journals and takes continuing-ed classes, problem-solving and debating with other building professionals for fun. ( He refers to these colleagues as “construction nerds.”)