Asheville's Red Tree Builders: Building a Philosophy

Article by Jason Gilmer. Photograhy by Anthony Harden.

Article by Jason Gilmer. Photograhy by Anthony Harden.

Great article here by Capital at Play about a great family business thriving by sticking to their values and growing their business with integrity. Humbled to know there are people like this in WNC doing things the right way.


For Red Tree Builders’ Brandon and Amanda Bryant, their ultimate goal was not only to build houses that they could still be proud of many years later, but also to build a small family that could withstand the stresses and rigors of modern life and thrive.

There is a photograph, saved somewhere on a laptop in Brandon and Amanda Bryant’s majestic North Asheville home, that shows the moment in 2017 when Brandon was inducted as the president of the Asheville Home Builders Association. His wife, Amanda, who co-owns Red Tree Builders with him, is on the stage to help with the induction. As Brandon raises his hand to take the oath, the couple’s small daughter, Charlee, runs to the stage and raises both hands to take part in the ceremony.



Patrick Rhyne