Asheville Parade of Homes: What to Think About

Red Tree Builders

Red Tree Builders

If you’re within driving distance and want to see what Asheville’s finest residential builders, architects, designers and tradespeople are all about, you need to visit this weekend or next weekend.

What You See

Curious about working with a particular builder or architect? There’s no better time to walk through their work and talk to them about the project. Run your hands across the woodwork and turn on a faucet. You not only get to kick the tires, but you get to see how a builder or architect has taken a project from paper to finished product.

Do You Click?

Best of all, it’s a time to see if you actually click. Click? Yes, click. Once you get into a relationship with a builder or architect, it’s something that will have its ups and downs. You don’t want to get 6 months into the relationship and discover your personalities don’t jive. Hey, it happens, but you need to interview them as much as you can. One of their finished homes is the perfect place to start.

The Land

Talk to any builder and they’ll ask you about your lot and where you plan to build. Why? It can make a profound difference and complexity in the build. That ends up being more money that you may have wanted to spend and you haven’t even driven a nail yet.

Look for the types of properties the homes sit on. How were they able to build on slope? How steep a slope was it? Ask questions regarding different types of land. You’ll find out builders and architects are willing to help you pick out lots based on the type of home you want to build.

Take Notes

Yes, take lots of notes. After you visit each home, write down your likes and dislikes. Write down what you felt with each home and why. Preferably over a beer at a local brewery. Use these notes as you decide on your builder and/or architect.

A parade of homes is a great opportunity, so take full advantage. We look forward to seeing you there!