5 Ways To Find an Architect


We curated an article back in March about how to choose an architect. Well, to be quite honest, you have to actually find the architects first before you can choose. So, we took at look at five ways to FIND an architect, especially if you live across the country.

Finding an architect is no easy task. Actually, it’s harder than you actually think. I’m sure we all know a few, but are they the right fit for your project? Do they share the same values? Most importantly, what if you’re living in Houston, Texas, and plan on building your mountain home in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Are they flexible enough to work with you thousands of miles away?

We’ve put together five ways to kick off the search.

1. Word-of-Mouth

That’s right. Keep your ears open. Amazing what you’ll actually notice and hear once you start tuning in. You’ll hear the good and the bad, but also understand why. And if you’re looking to build from a few states away, you really need to get to where you plan on building. Attend Parade of Homes events and tours, as well as building shows.

2. Online Searches

You’re probably here right now because of your search. Get on Google and ask away. Research projects, home owners, feedback and reviews. Understand the architects and their styles. Once you hit the mountains, you can set up appointments and interview different ones.

3. Client resource tools and American Institute of Architects

Contact your local chapter and learn what resources are available for clients. You’ll find it’s chockfull interesting information and articles. It’s a great place to start getting a handle on what-you-don’t-know that you don’t know.

4. Design Magazines

This is an easy one. Go online or pick up a design magazine and begin to understand the landscape. Especially if you’re moving to the North Carolina mountains. Obviously, you’re moving here for a reason, and looking for a particular style. Design magazines are a great place to jump in.

5. Other Architects

You’ll find architects are a friendly bunch, and they know other talented architects. It’s a good competition that breeds great design. After interviewing an architect and you don’t quite feel they’re the right fit, ask them who they would recommend for your project.

There you have it.